Is Banana a Tree or a Fruit

Banana: a delicious, nutritious fruit…or is it? Many people don’t realize that banana is actually a tree! But before you go chopping down your next banana, read on to find out more about this controversial fruit.


Many people think that bananas are a tree. However, bananas are actually considered a fruit. This is because they grow on an herb and they have seeds, which are considered the ovaries of the plant. Trees, on the other hand, grow from a woody stalk and do not have any ovaries.

What is a Banana?

Bananas are often thought of as a tree, but they actually belong to the herb family. They grow in hot climates, and their fruit is a popular food source around the world.

Bananas are classified as an herb because they have no woody stem. Instead, they have a pseudostem, which is made up of the plant’s leaf petioles that have been tightly rolled together. The pseudostem can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) tall.

The banana plant reproduces through a process called vegetative propagation. This means that new plants can be generated from parts of the parent plant, such as the pseudostem or rhizome (rootstock).

What is a Tree?

A tree is a taller than shrub, often with a single main trunk and many branches arising at some distance from the ground. Trees are woody plants. Most trees have both leaves and seeds. The leaves are necessary for photosynthesis, which is how the tree produces food for itself from sunlight. The seeds are necessary for reproduction of the species.

What is a Fruit?

Fruit is defined as the sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seeds and can be eaten as food. Bananas are an excellent source of dietary potassium and contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to human health. Though technically classified as a fruit, bananas are often grouped with vegetables due to their culinary uses.

Are Bananas Trees or Fruits?

There is some confusion about whether bananas are classified as trees or fruits. We all know that bananas are sweet and soft, and that they grow in tropical climates, but what else do we know about them?

Bananas are actually classified as herbs. This is because they have soft, fleshy stems and lack the woody structure that we typically associate with trees. However, bananas are the world’s largest herb.

Bananas are also classified as fruits. This is because they contain seeds, which are necessary for the reproduction of the plant. Bananas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but all varieties contain seeds.

So, what conclusion can we draw from all of this? Bananas are both trees and fruits!

The Debate

This debate has raged on for years, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus. Both sides have valid points, so we’ll lay out the arguments for both so you can decide for yourself.

The tree argument: Bananas are often called “the world’s largest herb.” This is because they don’t produce woody stems like other trees. Instead, they have a false stem made up of tightly packed leaves. Even though they don’t produce wood, bananas are classified as trees due to their size. They can grow up to 25 feet tall and have a similar lifespan to other trees, with some species living for over 100 years.

The fruit argument: Bananas are fruits because they contain seeds. The seeds are found in the center of the banana, surrounded by a soft fleshy material. While you can’t see the seeds with the naked eye, they are there if you take a closer look. If you were to plant a banana seed, it would grow into a new banana tree.


Even though the banana plant is not a true tree, it is correctly classified as an herbaceous perennial. This means that the plant dies back to the ground every year, but the root system survives and regrows the plant each season. As far as the fruit is concerned, bananas grow in clusters of 50 to 150 and are actually berries.

Further Reading

A Banana is an herb
Many people don’t realize that a banana is technically an herb. TheCorrect Term is an “Herbaceous Plant”. This means that it has atrunk and branches but all parts of the plant are soft and containno woody tissue.

How can something so soft be a tree?

The answer lies in the Botanical definition of a tree. A tree is anyplant with a single main stem/trunk that produces lateral branchesthat are more than 20cm above the ground. Technically, this meansthat if you cut through a banana at its widest point, what you wouldsee would be considered a tree.

Bananas Are Considered a Berry

A berry is any fruit that has its seeds enclosed inside the flesh ofthe fruit rather than in a separate pit. This means that raspberries,grapes, and bananas are all considered berries while cherries andapples are not.

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