Half shade Succulents-8 Plants to stay indoors

Half Shade succulents are the plants that can stay in a shelter away from full sun. these are species which can manage to develop well just receiving indirect light.

Indirect light refer to be natural lighting that comes from a window, or even exposure on a balcony. Succulent is a plant that need light otherwise they will slowely wither to death.

So never put succulent in the bathroom, if we put this in bathroom so there will be humid environment there and incidence of light is very low for their survival.

Always put the succulent in the window which receives sunlight for at least 4 hours a day, especially in the morning. So here we discuss some of the succulent which can be grown indoor,

Half shade succulent plant that are use in decoration

1. Crassula Ovata: it is one of the easiest Half shade succulent to grow. It branched with thick green leaves sometimes it will tinge with red around the edges when grown In full sun, this plant can get several feet tall, but when grows as a houseplant they usually stay about a foot tall.

The key to keeping a crassula ovate happy is to let the soil dry completely between waterings.Some gardeners only water crassula ovate when the leaves start to wrinkle or lose their shine, but these are sign that plant is already stressed, if you wait the long, it might start to drop leaves.

2. Haworthiopses: It is the Half shade succulent that has small green leaves, less than 10 cm and it also have triangular tip and white bands with ridges on the outside.at the end of the leaf there is a non sharp spine. Flower of these succulent appear in October and November at the end of inflorescence. This plant like good lighting and direct sun. to determine when it needs water touch your finger to the soil if it needs water because too much water can harm the roots of the plant.

3. Sanseviaria: origin of this Half shade succulent is from Africa and asia , the leaves of this species are arranged in a rosette around the growing point, flower of sansevieria species are usually greenish white,also brownish, produced on simple or branched raceme.

4. Zamioculcas zamiifolia: this is the Half shade succulent plant which originate in Tanzania, Africa.
It can endure low light, tough and durable. It is also undemanding with watering means it need less water. This plant will help in protecting environment, also it is useful for absorbing negative energy and eliminate them as well. This plant gives a meaning of endurance, life and hope.

6. Portulacaria Afra: this Half shade succulent plant have small leaves, this also found in south Africa, this succulents have a reddish stem and green leaves, they are simple to care for and make easy houseplant for a sunny location. It is usually 2.5-4.5 meters tall, it has rounder pads and more compact growth. It is much hardier, faster growing and more loosly branched and has more limber tapering branches.

7. Gasteria: these species are grown in well-drained sandy soils in light shade. These species can be propapgated by off-sets and cuttings, they can also propagated by seed germination in 8 days but may take as long as one month depending upon the species.this originates from south Africa and they prefer partial shade, they must be protected from direct sun and winds.

Watering should be frequent in spring summer and autumn, however in winter watering should be suspended, as the plant goes into dormancy and excess moisture can cause the leaves and roots to blight.

8. Rhipsalis: it is the hanging potted Half shade succulent plant, this plant can also wrap itself around the other plants for support, so by doing it it can obtain nutrients and protect itself from possible predators and pests.

It can withstand only a few hours of full sun or areas that receive a lot of sunlight during the day.this plant can also be grown peacefully in shady places, such as indoors, living rooms and bedrooms. In some of the times after this plant’ s flower bear small fruits which serves as food for small birds.it is easy plant to grow, as it does not require much care, either in terms of light or watering frequency.

9 Thonna capensis: it is a beautiful example of hanging plant. It is a plant that can tolerate full sun but it must be protected by a shading screen during the summer days.it has a trail of bean like foliage which have a glossy purple color and purple stems. It will grow up to 2inches in height.Stems of these plants are bright ruby red to purple.

Small, yellow, daisy like followers can appear all year round but the flowers are particularly abundant in the winter months. It require bright light with direct sunlight and well drained sandy soil. In summer protect plants from direct sunlight.

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