What to Planting In June

Our spring into summer mix is perfect for planting in June. It has a great range of 49 heat tolerant species that bloom all season long.

Planting Wildflowers

An annual wildflower that looks like a pink peony, it will bloom just in time for Mother Nature’s arrival. The early flowering peony has a short bloom period but blooms well in cooler weather.

Zinnias, Cosmos, Sunflowers, and other warm-season wildflowers, such as Marigolds, are perfect for early planting in late spring. You’ll want to water your seedlings very often during the first couple of weeks after planting, and keep them well-watered through their first growing season.

If you live in a humid, hot climate, plant seeds closer together. In a hot, dry area, wait to plant until it cools off.

This mixture of flowers will be flowering well before the end of the summer. If you are seeing bare patches in your garden, these flowers are the perfect solution for easy, stunning color this season.

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These unique mixtures of perennial and annual wildflowers are available for a limited time each year, so order yours today to enjoy their stunning colors in your garden or meadow come the spring.

There are many wildflowers to grow, depending on your area. 

Flowers to plant in June

The poached egg plant, or ‘poached egg,’ as it is called by English gardeners, is a lovely hardy annual. It will self-seed freely and naturalise in the garden.

If you want to have beautiful, nutritious, and tasty veggies to eat in winter and spring, buy fresh garden peas (fresh and frozen) from Thompson & Morgan.

Poached egg plant, Limnanthes

The poached egg plant is a striking and popular garden plant for any sunny spot. Its distinctive white and yellow flowers attract butterflies, while its spiky leaves keep away from hungry rabbits. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who loves summer flowers.

This plant, called ‘Poached Egg’, or PEA, has a very large and delicious fruit that’s reminiscent of a boiled egg.


Nasturtiums are not only colourful but easy to grow. They’re great for filling borders or training up a trellis. They work well as companion plants for veg crops such as French and runner beans.

Nasturtium seeds are easy to grow, hardy plants with lots of colorful flowers that are a perfect garden addition. Nasturtium seedlings are easy to grow and require minimal care.


This is the last month of the year to sow it outside. I love ‘Incredible Dwarf Mixed’ (pictured). It has such happy flowers! Coreopsis is one of the best plants for containers, too. Thompson & Morgan have many different types and cultivars in this family.

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Night-scented stock

To create a lasting floral effect in your borders, sow the earliest possible seeds in October. Regular deadheading will encourage new growth and flowering. Purchase from Thompson & Morgan, which also carries a wide range of seeds for bedding plants, including peony, rose and clematis.

Candelabra primulas

Candelabra primulas flowers in early to mid-June. Now is the perfect time to gather the seeds and plant them fresh for more plants the next year.

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