How to Fertilize Lucky Bamboo | Fertilization Tips

It’s one thing to know about how to fertilize lucky bamboo but it’s also important to know when to use it.

When to Fertilize Lucky Bamboo

There are some instances when you may need to fertilize lucky bamboo. With the right fertilizer, the right amount of fertilizer you need. Be sure about to add fertilizer to the soil or water and never as a spritz. Only use water to spritz the leaves if required.

Distilled Water Lacks Nutrients

you need fertilizer when you’re using distilled water since magnesium and iron are lost in the distillation process. A few drops of fertilizer is enough to fertilize. It also depends on the fertilizer quality and water to fertilizer ratio and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Dirty Water Breeds Disease

If the water you use isn’t clean, then your plant can suffer a lack of nutrients and succumb to disease. After you change out the dirty water by clean water then you can surely add fertilizer just to ensure the plant remains healthy.

Stimulate Growth

If you want to stimulate leaf growth, this can be accomplished by adding a little fertilizer to the water. It’s best to do this process during the natural cycle of the spring growing season.

Yellowing Plant Leaves

If your lucky bamboo leaves are turning yellow and you haven’t used fertilizer, then the plant may be suffering from a lack of nutrients. In this case, you’ll need to fertilize your lucky bamboo plant. If a stalk turns yellow, then it’s best to discard form your lucky bamboo plant.

If Algae is growing in water and on container then its results of too much fertilizer and light. Algae grows in nutrient rich water with ample light.

To avoid it clean the lucky bamboo, pebbles and container with soapy water and follow the same procedure. Then, place the lucky bamboo in the container and fill it with water and add fertilizer in it for better growth. You may need to move it a little farther from the light.


If you are fertilizing your plant, and it turned yellow, this indicates over-fertilizing. The best you can do is change out the water and hope your plant will recover. You can use distilled water for a while to let the plant rest and once it recovers, you can continue to use regular water.

How to Use Fertilizer With Lucky Bamboo

It’s best to use fertilizers that are especially made for lucky bamboo plant. Most lucky bamboo fertilizers are NPK with trace elements which are usually in a ratio of 2-2-2, means they have a balanced 2 parts ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).

Using Regular Houseplant Fertilizer

If you prefer to use houseplant fertilizer, you can dilute it to a suitable strength for lucky bamboo. Make sure that you use an NPK balanced fertilizer.

Soil-Based Fertilize Lucky Bamboo

If you aren’t using fertilizer which is made for lucky bamboo, i.e. dilute regular houseplant fertilizer and you can increase the strength if required. If your plant is potted in soil, then you can use a diluted houseplant fertilizer for every six to eight weeks.

Water-Based Fertilize Lucky Bamboo

For a water-based plant using diluted houseplant fertilizer, you’ can also use the same ratio of diluted fertilizer to water as it is soil-based plant. You’ll only need to fertilize your lucky bamboo plant once every 3-months.

Learning How and When to Use Fertilizer With Lucky Bamboo

Growing lucky bamboo is very easy and especially when you use a water-based container. Follow the guidelines and instructions for how and when to fertilize your lucky bamboo plant thus, it will last for many years.

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