Complete Guide on Plant Begonia Bulbs – Easy To Grow Bulbs

Begonia Bulbs: So guys, Today In this post, I will tell you about, How to plant Begonia Bulbs. If you wanna know that (How to plant Begonia Bulbs.) Then, stay on this post till the end.

Tuberous begonias are a very popular house plant. They are very popular all over the world. They are very famous for their wonderful and beautiful flowers. They come in a variety of different colors and forms. Like yellow, Res, orange, white, pink, salmon.

Gardeners love begonias because this flower prefers shade over the sun. They look very beautiful indoor or outdoor. They give a very beautiful and aesthetic look to the house.

They can brighten up both your indoor and outdoor gardens with their open, ruffled faces and dark green foliage. They are often used as container plants on patios and porches and in hanging baskets.

Tuberous Begonias bloom the whole summer, they thrive in shady spots where few other plants can also grow. These plant species are native to tropical South America and southern Africa. They just need a little bit of care.

Now, let’s talk about (How to plant Begonia Bulbs.) Read this Article till the end to know more about (How to plant Begonia Bulbs.)

Starting Begonia Bulbs

1. Purchase tubers (bulbs) by mid-winter.

Winter is the best time to plant begonias Because begonias should be planted in early spring so, winter is the best time to plant them.

There are so many varieties of Begonias, you can choose anyone, what you want but they require some care.

• There are thousands of species of begonias, but not all of them are tuberous, other begonias require different care.

2. Starting indoors

If you want or choose to start your Begonia tubers indoors, use a loose well-drained soil mix that drains well.

•If you live in a tropical climate that never frosts then you can plant them directly in the ground.

•If you live in an area where the summer is very hot then start the begonias early so, that can be established before the high summer temperatures.

3. Plant them in small pots

Buy for a good potting soil mix that has excellent drainage, like- peat-moss-based mix. Now put the mixture in a bucket and mix it with water until it is damp but not soggy. Now you have to place the soil in the pot which you are using to start the begonias.

•Now, stopping 1/2 inch from the rim. Plant the begonia tubers hollow side-up spaced three inches apart. Cover begonia tubers with the soil mixture. (1/2) inch.

•Make sure that the pots which you use for Begonias have drainage holes.

•Use a 6-inch (15.2 cm) pot for up to two small, 1 to 3-inch (2.5 to 7.6 cm)diameter bulbs or one larger bulb.

4. Place the pots on a sunny windowsill and wait for them to sprout.

Tubers require bright light, but not direct light. If you placed them in direct light then they will get overheated. Keep the soil moist. The tubers should germinate within two or four weeks, and then they are ready for planting when the last frost has passed.

• Temperature in the room should be at 70 degrees or higher. If the temperature is low then it will inhibit the tubers from sprouting.

2. How to Planting Begonias

1. Prepare a planting site

Begonias should be planted in a light shade but not the full sun or full shade. Placing them in a little sunlight is good but if you give them too much Sunlight then it will prevent them from blooming.

• if you live in a colder area then Begonias will tolerate more sunlight but if you live in a warmer area then it will not tolerate.

• if your soil is dry and it doesn’t drain well then depth it about five inches and mix it with compost or other organic matter.

2. Plant the sprouted begonias

Dig 2 or 3 inches deep hole then placed the begonias into the holes and then pat the soil around the tubers.

3. Water the begonias when the soil feels dry

Now, you have to check the soil that is dry or dusty and is there any moisture or not.

•firstly you have to stick your fingers about two inches (5 cm) into the soil to check that is there any moisture or not.
if you feel it is dry and dusty so, water the begonias well.

•If you’re watering potted begonias then water them until the water flows from the pot’s drain hole.

•You can also fertilize them for the brightest, healthiest, biggest blooms. You can fertilize them every other week.

4. Deadhead the begonias regularly

Always do care for them because they will bloom throughout the growing season. If any dead or dying blossom is there then pinch them off. This will allow them to redirect energy to produce new flowers.

5. Stake the begonias if necessary

Always place a bamboo pole into the soil a few inches away from the main stem. Because It will help them from breaking.

3. Growing Begonias as Perennials

1. Gradually withhold water

Autumn winds stop in November, waterless until you stop watering completely. This will help the begonia go into dormancy for the winter. You can also do this with a garden or pot-grown begonias.

If you live in hot areas then forced dormancy is not necessary, because they will survive in winter outdoor and then trim them back for the winter. In early spring they will again start growing.

2. Dig out the tubers.

Now it’s time to dig them out. You have to use a shovel to dig them out. Place them for a week near the sunny window to let them dry out. Now store the tubers in open flats lined with sand or peat moss in a cool dry place for the rest of the winter.

3. Replant the tubers in early spring.

It is the right to replant them. Now plant them and Help them to germinate indoors in early spring and then transplant them outside after the last frost has passed and the ground has thawed.

Conclusion on Begonia Bulbs

So guys, Today I told you about (How to plant Begonia Bulbs?). I hope you will get some information from this post and I hope you will like this post. And If you got some information About (HOw to plant Begonia Bulbs?) then, share this information with your friends also,


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