How To Reuse Potting Soil

There are many ways to reuse potting soil. Here are a few ideas: 1. Make a soil amendment for your plants. Mix in leaves, straw, compost or other organic matter to make your own custom soil mix. 2. Use it as a mulch on trees and shrubs. Spread it around the base of the plant … Read more

How to grow lupins at home

grow lupins

Wildflower lovers celebrate when the lupines come into bloom. The telltale look of these plants is a tall, showy spire of flowers that comes in a variety of colors. The foliage looks like palm leaves with seven to 10 leaflet segments each. This fast-growing flower is available as both a perennial and an annual, which … Read more

Nine white hydrangeas to grow

hydrangeas to grow

White hydrangeas are more subtle than their blue and pink counterparts. In gardens, hydrangeas are typically flower in pink or blue, depending on the soil pH: on acid soils, the flowers are blue, while on alkaline soils, the flowers are pink. Hydrangea paniculata ‘Great Star’ From late summer to autumn, this panicle hydrangea bears large … Read more

How to Grow Catnip

Grow Catnip

A perennial that thrives in most of North America and is very easy to grow, catnip (Nepeta cataria) is clump forming with square stems and triangular to oval, gray green leaves with toothed edges that stretch around 3 inches long. If you want to create an easy-care border or planter for the home, try this … Read more